A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game created for the Insanity Game Jam ! We were 3 to create the game and we could only spend one week-end. Moreover it is our very first game. So don't expect to download the new best Next-Gen AAA whatever game. Anyways, we hope you'll have some fun trying it.

Built using Unity 5.1.

You control a Yoyo moving up and down. The rope you're hanging on is fragile ! If you get hit by flies it will be damaged until it breaks, in which case you lose. Your rope's solidity is represented by its thickness.

However, super radishes can help you ! Indeed, by catching green radishes you'll restore your rope's structure (You knew that radishes can repair ropes right ?). While catching red radishes will make you invincible for a short while so you can kill those bitches flies without damaging your rope !

Install instructions

Extract the archive and launch the game like any other depending on your OS


TheBaltrinbangs.rar 18 MB
Baltrinbangs_Linux.rar 20 MB
Baltrinbangs_MacOSX.rar 19 MB